One Minute Racist

“The imaginary work must have such an effect on us that it enlarges our own sense of reality.” Madaleine L’Engle Walking on Water

I love this little bit of film. It’s not particularly well-animated, it won’t win any awards for “best cinematography.” But it’s a good story. Presumably this is a true story. It’s a personal experience, and one completely foreign to me. Through it, my sense of reality is widened. One ingredient for good creative works, it seems to me, are true and relatable experiences – told honestly. Completely unlike the recent blockbuster Avatar (which in spite of having incredible special-effects left audiences longing for an unattainable fantasy) One Minute Racist leaves it’s viewers solidly in reality, pondering real things and hopefully looking to make reality a better place.

Found this video on one of my favorite sources for inspiration. So many of the works on this site are independently produced, fueled and funded by the passion of the artists. Definitely check it out.


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