“Oh, it’s Christmas music?”

An old friend of Liz recently asked if we would review a cd by the Dogs on Tour, a sort of band mash-up and group of experimenting young artists. I was excited and visited the link. Then I realized it was a Christmas cd. My face fell. “Oh, it’s Christmas music?”

Now, I love Christmas, probably more than most. I can’t stand, however, most Christmas music! I think it’s over-played, over-produced, trashy cover songs by whomever is the latest pop-star sensation. Lame. So, I confess, I put off listening to the album for about a week and let it sit in my downloads folder.

A few days ago, I finally tossed the songs into itunes and had a listen. It was shocking. Electronic beats, balanced by soft melodic voices and layered guitars, synths and other sounds. After the first impression, the album takes a softer turn, sounds ranging from an enveloping and etherial folk to post-rock. Several original songs nicely balance the more traditional Christmas songs.  My favorite being “I Don’t Know” narrated by Lucia, the very personable daughter of one of the musicians. It is a playful experiment that I found delightful.

Even the cover songs on this album make a conscious effort, in music or lyrics (or both!), to do something new. The result is entirely listenable, a trait that is difficult to attain in the “genre” of Christmas music. Cheers to the Dogs on Tour, thanks for rejuvenating some old Christmas songs and please keep experimenting.

Do yourself a favor, go download this album. It’s FREE. Take a listen, tell me what you think, or better yet tell the Dogs on Tour what you think! Take a stroll around their web site and see each of their personal projects, watch some videos, etc… I bet you won’t have no fun at all.


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