Grandma’s Resurrection

Meema in a chair.

Continuing on with our Easter-themed posts, today you get to read what Liz read aloud in church two Sunday ago to celebrate the resurrection of Christ! 🙂


Grandma’s Resurrection

Today we are celebrating our Savior’s resurrection from death, while we are getting older all the time.

My grandmother is eighty-five and her face is covered in wrinkles. Once while visiting my grandma, my sister took her shopping at a department store. They stopped by the Clinique counter for fun. The sales clerk started describing the wonders of Clinique’s anti-wrinkle cream to my intrigued grandmother. It was on sale, so my grandmother rubbed a little on her cheek and underneath her eyes, to see what it could do.

She turned to my sister and asked, “So, what do you think?”

My sister grinned and said, “Meema, what’s the point? There are too many wrinkles to unwrinkle!” My grandmother cracked up, and to this day, she still loves to tell the story.

But at the root of all wrinkle cream is the cry of our culture and of every person for resurrection — the desire to live again, to be reborn, or simply not to die. Each funeral we attend fills us with questions. “Why now?” “Why him and not me?” “Why at all?” It does not seem to matter if death has come after a long, well-lived life or not: death itself provokes questions. We know that those we love, if they know Christ, go to be with Christ when they die, in ageless bodies outside of time. But our questions still linger in the back of our mouths: “Why?”

I am growing older all the time. I am still young, compared with my grandmother, but my body is starting to show signs of age, of slowing. Our bodies literally decay as we wear them. From the teenage years on, our bodies are moving backwards, towards the ever-looming grave.

We all await resurrection. If we truly believe that new life, new bodies, and a new earth is coming, any day now, we will have true joy in this life. We will be transformed and set free by our Savior, who Himself rose from the grave. We cannot lose the magnificence of His resurrection in our everyday sorrows, and we cannot let His resurrection become hackneyed. If we know Christ, resurrection is also promised to us. And today, we choose to hope in what has been promised to us, and to rejoice in what has already been accomplished on our behalf. Christ is risen! (He is risen indeed!) Halleluiah!

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