A New Sculpture on Every Corner: Downtown Colorado Springs Gets a Makeover

For those who have walked through downtown Colorado Springs wondering about the sculptures planted on street corners and in medians, perhaps this will be a helpful post for you.

Art on the Streets

For thirteen years, “Art on the Streets” has made art a part of the ordinary Colorado Springs resident’s life, putting large sculptures on street corners and medians throughout the downtown area. Downtown’s “Art on the Streets” program was started by the many wealthy corporate donors as a yearlong showcase of local and national sculptors’ work in downtown Colorado Springs.

And in the past few weeks, we have noticed a changing of the guard, as new sculptures are erected almost daily. This year, there are eleven new pieces and thus eleven featured artists, most of whom live in Colorado. Notably, three of the featured artists live in Colorado Springs (Sean O’Meallie, Dan Romano, and Doyle Svenby).


The sculptures that have stood out to me (Liz) this year are:

1) Maureen Hearty’s “Music Inside,” on the corner of Tejon and Platte:

Maureen Hearty has built an abstract working glockenspiel, complete with built in mallets, to enable anyone to fill Acacia Park with their own discordant musical stylings. This piece can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

2) Doyle Svenby’s “A Hole Lot of Love,” at the corner of Colorado and Nevada (above photo):

Local sculptor Doyle Svenby built a towering steel heart out of recycled and painted steel. Other than the fact that I love that it is a visually pleasing and approachable piece for the non-artist, I also love that, when viewed from the correct angle, you can see a section of downtown through the heart shaped hole in the middle of the piece.

3) Rollin Karg’s “Mongo,” on Pikes Peak Avenue, between Nevada and Tejon:

Rollin Karg, a sculptor from Kechi, Kansas, likes to play with glass, which is evident by the artist’s piece entited “Mongo.” To be honest, I cannot figure out this abstract sculpture, but I enjoy the mottled glass throughout and it gives the vague impression of a dragon. In any case, it is a whimsical addition to Colorado Springs’ downtown.

4) Sean O’Meallie’s “Tree Ring Circus,” all along Tejon (above photo):

I first mistook Sean O’Meallie’s work as a form of graffiti street art before I realized it was part of “Art on the Streets.” O’Meallie has built a series of black and white steel rings to rest o the trunks of trees up and down Tejon (there are 22 installations on all). It is a curious and happy addition to other recent street art trends the downtown has experienced lately (such as yarn bombing).

To do the art walk yourself…

download and print this brochure. (The brochure includes artist statements, a map pinpointing the location of new sculptures as well as other sculptures that have graced our streets for years, and additional information about the “Art on the Streets” project.)

We love that Colorado Springs values art in public places, so we love this “Art on the Streets” program (though it has received some flack in the past few years of economic downturn). Plus, it’s a great free date! We highly recommend it. 🙂

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