Art show in Colorado Springs this weekend!

Jeremy has a show opening this weekend!

Through the first week of September, Jeremy will be showing a handful of robot sculptures (including a six-foot-tall portrait of the artist as a young robot ;)) in a group show at the Modbo Gallery in downtown Colorado Springs.

Theological Robots?

Jeremy loves to make robots out of discarded items because they bring up questions about what it means to be human. Personally, I love the fact that he spends his time building sculptures out of materials that others have discarded and called “not valuable.” Jeremy, however, sees great value and worth in this trash, and he makes something beautiful out of something once named ugly. There is a profoundly redemptive aspect to his work that gives me goosebumps if I think about it for too long. (By the way, the official name for what Jeremy does is “Found Object Assemblage Sculptures,” just in case you were curious)

More information about the show.

The gallery is located in the alley right next to Taste of Jerusalem cafe, in between Bijou and Kiowa immediately after you get off the highway headed toward downtown. For more information about the show, including their exact address and information about the other artists’ work, check out the Modbo’s facebook page.

Stop by to say hi!

The opening starts at 7, and we’ll both be there, smiling and eager to talk with you. Come say hi if you can!

One Note of Warning: If you have children, please be aware that the Modbo Gallery often shows art that may not be child-friendly. What we’ve seen of this show does not appear to be offensive in any way, but we thought we’d warn you just in case. You may want to consider leaving your kids at home. 🙂

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