Beautiful Plastic: Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang

In my experience, most of what is labeled “eco art” ends up being a garrish, kitschy mess with more ecological value than artistic. I’ve seen more than my share of piles of plastic, covered in paint and artist statements that make themselves out to be the savior of the world.

When I saw Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang‘s exhibit at the Smokebrush gallery in 2010, the artfulness of their exhibit startled me. What I saw was a celebration of discovery, a good eye for composition and color, and a matter-of-fact statement about how much plastic is polluting our oceans — without a guilt trip.

I recently found this video of the artists where they talk about their process, how they got started and where they’re going. It is informative, interesting and gets their point across without bludgeoning the audience. I hope you enjoy it.

Below: Photos I took at the Smokebrush exhibit

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