Why? : A Statement of Purpose

Why Create?

Through the centuries, the sole question that has motivated science, philosophy, religion is the question why. Why do things exist? Is there any purpose to our living and breathing and dying on our planet earth in this one inconsequential corner of the universe?

As artists, I find we ask ourselves the same question, perhaps with another angle. What’s the point? we wonder. Perhaps we have had an audience in the past and don’t have one now. Perhaps we’ve never had an audience at all. Why would I continue to endlessly create? Will anyone ever be moved by my work? Does my creating matter at all

Why We Create

Jeremy and I certainly cannot answer this question for you. But we know our answer, and our answer defines our lives. We do all things — art-making, eating, dreaming, conversing, living amongst our community — for one purpose: to honor Jesus Christ.

The book of Colossians in the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ created the heavens and the earth, everything that we can see with our eyes and touch with our hands, and everything that remains invisible to us (Colossians 1:16-17).

We create because He created.

Colossians tells us that He also sustains all things by His very words; our planet spins because He moves it (Col. 1:17).

We are alive because He sustains us.

Colossians also tells us that in everything, He is preeminent, the most important person of all (Col. 1:18). All things were created for Him. He is God, yet He humbled himself and died on our behalf, to restore our relationship with God. He died bearing our wrong doing on his shoulders — He literally died for every false word spoken, for every hurtful thought, for every shameful act. And then, Colossians tells us that He rose from the dead, that He is really, truly alive!

This is crazy, and we believe it with our whole hearts. Jesus died and then came back from the dead. And then He offers forgiveness to us for every wrong we’ve ever committed against Him and others, which if we accept, can bring us into intimate relationship with God (Col. 1:13-23).

We believe Jesus is alive; we believe that we are sinners saved by His gracious death and resurrection; we believe that everything exists for His pleasure and glory; we believe that we can know and worship Him because we’ve accepted His grace.

Perhaps this all seems unrelated to you. You’d rather me keep my religion to myself. That’s a fair enough complaint, though you certainly don’t have to read what I write. And not all of our posts are this explicit about what we believe.

But I just have to tell you, honestly and truly, that this is the reason why I write stories and sing melodies. This is also the reason why Jeremy make robots and boxes filled with discarded objects. This is what makes us who we are.

It’s because of Him; because we want to honor Jesus, to worship Jesus, to be made like Jesus, and to share Jesus with other people so that they too can experience the freedom of being His.

What about you?

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