About Jeremy and Liz

 We are two artists: Jeremy Grant (designer + fine artist) and Elizabeth Charlotte Grant (author).Jeremy (robot head) and Liz (typewriter)

We are married.

Jeremy (robot head) and Liz (typewriter)

We are working artists who are pursuing excellence in our fields professionally, as you can see by visiting Jeremy’s fine art website and Liz’s writing website and blog.

As artists, we hold a unique perspective:

we believe art should give to an audience and not take from an audience.

This belief originates from our passionate, whole-hearted love for Jesus Christ, who tells us that our role as humans in the world is to devote ourselves to the good of others (rather than ourselves).

We’re not in it for the fame or glory. We are creators because we mimic a creator God. We persevere because Christ persevered. And we are eager to see Christ in all things – which is why we don’t just feature art labeled as “Christian.” All truth is God’s truth.

This blog is dedicated to celebrating all the fabulous art out there that we aesthetically resonate with and that points to something (someone) bigger than us.

Want to know more? Here’s an obligatory list of our other websites.

Jeremy Grant

web: jeremygrantcreative.com / instagram: @jeremygrantcreative

Elizabeth Charlotte Grant

web: ElizabethCharlotteGrant.com / blog: LovelyArtifacts.com

facebook: Facebook.com/elizabethcharlottegrant / instagram: @elizcharlottegrant /

pinterest: @elizchargrant

For media or speaking inquiries,