Muddy Truth

Have you ever told someone a story you were certain was true only to find out later that the story you’d told was false?

Perhaps this is not something that occurs to everyone. However, as a Creative Nonfiction writer, who is claiming to write only what is true, I find that the stakes are often higher in this regard. Like a journalist, I must “check my facts” or I am, though unintentionally, deceiving my audience.

But the waters are muddy. Continue reading “Muddy Truth”

Digital Storytelling: “Joie de Vivre (Joy of Life)”

A couple of months ago, I (Liz) took a digital storytelling workshop through Digital Storytelling Asia, which is made up of Angeline Koh and Aurelia L. Castro, two women who love to tell stories! I really like digital storytelling as a medium because it is a unique way to tell a story visually. Basically there are three elements to digital storytelling: spoken words + visual images (video or photographs) + music and/or sound effects, and all of those components go into telling a compelling, personal, true story.

This was the result of the workshop for me. I created a story about my mother. I hope you enjoy it.