Contemporary Santa Fe Roundup

Just a few weeks ago, Liz and I celebrated our first anniversary in Santa Fe, NM. Being the art geeks we are, it was a great decision. Santa Fe has a thriving art community with lots of contemporary and even ground-breaking art.

Here are our favorite artists and selected works.

David Nakabayashi’s collage work at the Box Gallery.

Jon Lee‘s work at the Jay Etkin Gallery.

We saw Nina Tichava‘s show being hung at the Nuart Gallery

 We LOVED Mark Horst‘s work. This is “Embrace #37” at Canyon Road Contemporary Art.

“The Invitation #3” by Mark Horst.

Detail of “The Invitation #3” by Mark Horst.

“I am not I (brothers 17)” by Mark Horst.

Some gorgeous, abstract found object work by Randall Reid at Nuart Gallery.

Paintings by Pam Cobb at the Jay Etkin Gallery.

We caught an emerging arts festival here at The Railyard. Aside from being our favorite art district in Santa Fe, the Railyard is also home to Second Street Brewery which has a real solid Imperial Stout.

And then there were giant fish head sculptures by Colett Hosmer. What’s not to love?

Makoto Fujimura on Faith, Art, and His Recent Gospels Illumination Project

Makoto Fujimura, hands down, is one of Jeremy and my favorite visual artists. He paints beautiful, thoughtful pieces for the glory of Jesus Christ, and we admire that!

Here is a recent interview of him that we were forwarded and watched together a couple of days ago (all 40 minutes of it!). We find it to be full of insightful observations about art, life, and the Christian church. He also shares his own story of coming to faith, which we found to be fascinating, and he shares about his most recent project: illuminating the four Gospels (yes, seriously, like the Book of Kells sort of illumination. We are planning on ordering it because it looks gorgeous).

Enjoy this video– and if you have any thoughts, feel free to share! We’d love to hear them.

(P.S. The image is one of Fujimura’s pieces– called “Splendor for Kayama.” I believe it was his graduate thesis project)